Content Guidelines

The Weave Agent encourages open forum; however, guidelines still need to be followed. It is recommended but optional to attach pictures or add youtube videos to reviews. Posts that do not obey content guidelines is subject to removal.

Hair Weave Focus: Focus of the reviews are the hair weave products and not on other accessories/products. Stay on topic.

Inappropriate content: Detailed explanations are fine, but still be respectful. There should not be any threats or harassment.

Conflicts of interest: Do not write reviews if it is your own business or employer, your friend/relative’s business, or your competitor’s business. Content needs to be unbiased.

Promotional content: Don’t post promotional content on the site.

Relevance: Post relevant information. Reviews are to enlighten others about your experience with the particular business.

Privacy: Don’t post people’s private information or full names.

Intellectual property: Write your own content. Do not try to copy other people’s content.

Double Posting: Do not post two reviews for a business. Currently, the site does not offer the ability to edit your previous posts. However, if you would like to modify or update your review, please contact us via the Contact Us form.

If a user continues to violate these guidelines, they can be banned.