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Violence erupts from a weave giveaway

01 Nov 14
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The local beauty supply store, Beauty Exchange, on Pine Hills Circle in Orlando promoted their grand opening by giving away hair extensions costing from $55-100. To their surprise, they had mobs of eager weave shoppers waiting at their front doors hours before opening. With no line being formed, the police arrived at the scene in attempts to restore order. To no avail, a couple of officers decided to use pepper spray and successfully did keep the crowd back for that moment. However, in the process, a pregnant woman was knocked down and the pepper spray may have reached some of the kids and babies in the vicinity.

Many of the individuals at the scene believe the police overreacted with the mace, what do you guys think?

Is Wagman Hair back?

19 Oct 14
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The renowned hair extension vendor Wagman Hair (aka Wag’s) shutdown its operations on September 30, 2014 announced by their social media marketer for Wagman August 31, 2014 on their Twitter post.

“Tonight is my last n941311_644733545541627_662092843_night with #teamwags!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for rockin’ out with me during my time as Social Media Marketer! Y’all have some of the most supportive, positive, funny and loyal people I’ve come into contact with!!
#Wagmans will be closing as of 9/30/14, so just keep up with us until then!!!…”

Strangely enough, Wagman Hair announced it had returned on the October 1, 2014’s Twitter post and Facebook post.

The question is what happened within just a few days time? A new well-designed website created with relatively complete content, a new branding logo, new hair inventory, and a new business office located in Massachusetts. On the website now, the new Wagman Hair is claiming several things: ownership has changed; the Pennsylvania business office has closed; they are not selling the same products as before; but the hair is still coming from the same source, the temples of india — not sure what that means exactly.

With the quick launch of this new Wagman Hair, this sounds like it had been planned out for awhile. It’s just not possible to transition into this new image within such a short window of time. Hair weave enthusiasts will have to see if this has turned to the best or the worst. On Wag’s Facebook page, they are claiming that their hair now is even superior than before.

“Wagman is back and better than ever! Our Superior line of 100% Virgin Remy Indian hair has been improved and expanded. Learn more and shop now at #weave #indianhair #virginhair”

What is the everyone’s perception of this new Wagman Hair? Don’t forget to write a review on the Wagman Hair review page if you’ve bought hair from the new Wag’s website. There’s no doubt everyone’s dying to know how the new Wag’s hair is.

The Weave Agent is Here

18 Oct 14
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946214_640954049252910_1571198881_nWe are happy to launch this new hair weave (extension) community. The Weave Agent (TWA) is designed to help weave shoppers make more informed decisions about buying hair that best fit their needs. There has been shift in hair shopping approaches in the recent years. Many weave shoppers are now buying their hair online, which opens up so many hair possibilities. The selection is no longer limited to the inventory at the local beauty supply store. This online shift has also allowed more hair types to be easily acquired that were not so easily accessible before, this includes Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, and more.

Using the hair search on The Weave Agent, you will be able to narrow down your search to only the online weave vendors that carry the hair weave type, texture, and length of your choice, making your online shopping simple and easy!