What is The Weave Agent?

The Weave Agent is designed to help weave customers find the best online weave vendor to match their individual needs via providing a destination for peer reviews and discussion.

What does The Weave Agent do with registered users personal information?

Please read our Privacy Policy.

Where do I sent feedback/comments/complaints/concerns about the site?

Please submit your comments on the Contact Us form.

Do reviews ever get removed?

Reviews can be removed only if they violate our content guidelines or Terms of Service.

Can I have my business listing removed from The Weave Agent?

We don’t remove business listings so please utilize our platform to your customers and continually improve their experience. Users have the right to give their opinion on a business product, service, and quality.

How do I post youtube video reviews properly?

1. Go to desired youtube video page
2. Click on “Share” > “Embed”
4. Copy the html code (starts with <iframe…)
5. Paste the html code into your review’s message textbox
6. You may add words on top of the code
7. When the review is submitted, the video preview will automatically appear on the post

YouTube video showing where the “Embed” code is located: